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Bishop Jonathan Israel Shaw I. has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 25 years. The Lord has entrusted him to preach, prophesy, and evangelize across the United States, and multiple countries across the world.

Relatively 20 years ago, The Lord challenged Bishop Shaw to build Him a sanctuary that He may dwell among His people. In July 2002, he introduced Crown Ministries International (CMI) to the world, and two months later led a growing congregation into their new edifice located in Brooklyn, NY. Under his tutelage, the ministry has grown to greater heights. On February 24, 2019 under Bishop Shaw's leadership, CMI launched Crown Church of Charlotte. This expansion offers one church with two locations that experience the same presence of God. On April 10, 2021, Bishop Shaw was brought into apostolic succession through consecration by Archbishop Robert J. Rochford.

As a philanthropist, Bishop Shaw has pioneered several community-outreach programs through CMI, including Horn of Plenty which to date, has fed and clothed nearly 100,000 people. He is the CEO and Founder of the Crown Advancement Center, a non-for-profit organization which helps individuals “Advance Through Adversity”. As a businessman, Bishop Shaw is the President of JIS Enterprise, a corporation bridging life, ministry and business. He has also been a member of Potter’s House International Pastors Alliance (PHIPA) under Bishop T.D. Jakes since 2015. In 2018, Bishop Shaw formed The United Network of Churches, an apostolic network that provides covering and resources for churches and ministries, in a framework designed to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships.

In 2008, Bishop Shaw received two honorary doctoral degrees in ministry and divinity from St. Thomas Christian College of Jacksonville, FL and Anointed by God Seminary of Brooklyn, NY. As a trusted prophetic voice, he has released a prophetic prayer CD entitled, “Praying for You". As an author, Bishop Shaw has published four books including “31 Days of Marital Wisdom”, a book co-authored with his wife and gospel recording artist, Pastor Sabrina Shaw. Together, they lead Crown Ministries International into new realms of the Spirit. Bishop Shaw is also the pleased father of Alonzo, Shauntae, and Jonathan, Jr. He strongly believes the tool that will transform the world is preaching the truth of the gospel from the church in love. In turn, the church will lead the nations back to God.


Visit Bishop Jonathan Shaw's website to learn more about the author, community leader, entrepreneur, global revivalist.

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